6 tweaks to boost your niche website income

Posted on May 18th, 2018

Niche websites that are aged but bringing in traffic are easier to increase your income than building a niche website from scratch, but don’t be intimitated. It is still doable.


Step 1  Check existing conversion rates on your earning posts

Check where your niche site is currently producing revenue in order to scale your conversion rates. If you want to quickly increase your income, you need to improve your niche pages that producing the bulk of your income.

By increasing your click thru rate on Amazon, your revenue will exponencially grow. There is a few different ways to increase your conversion rates.


A very common belief is that if you run Amazon affiliate links and Google Adsense on the same niche page, your income will almost double. WRONG.

So the first step to actually increase your income is to remove any other forms of advertising. Make sure to remove the distractions from your money page. Any other ads than links to products you’re promoting on Amazon are distractions for your visitors.


the more visitors you can drive to amazon, the more money you’re going to make.


You will definitly make more money in the long run, if you stop distracting your visitors with Ads and focus more on affiliate links. Make sure to not promote more than 3-4 different products on the same niche page, better would be to promote only one product per page.

Niche pages that feature a single product are going to convert higher than pages that have multiple products listed.

When you’ve sorted out the amount of products you want to promote on your page, go back through your content and create more Affiliate links. what to do next ?


Calls to Action ( CTA )


A call to action  aims to persuade a visitor to perform a act immediately. Like a “buy now” button or “register today” form. A CTA sumps up the problems your visitor is having and let them know that the product you recommend is solving his problem.

While most visitors don’t need a CTA as they will click through to Amazon anyways, it can significantly increase your conversion rates.

If you implement 3 simple steps, your income should increase without you needing to drive more traffic to your pages.

  1. Don’t promote more than 2 products on your niche page to keep from overwhelming your visitors
  2. Remove other forms of advertising that interfere with your clickthrough rate to Amazon.
  3. create calls to action to let your visitors know what to do next.



Step 2  Reduce your bounce rate


Before you can fix your bounce rate you have to fully understand what bounce rate is. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who come to your website and leave without viewing any other pages on your website.

It simply means that your website isn’t retaining its visitors. Your number one goal should be once visitors land on your page they are drawn to visiting even more pages throughout your site.

Google use this information to determine how relevant your content is for the keywords you are ranking for. Google does a good job at ranking only relevant content for their keywords but if you might rank for a keyword that has nothing to do with your site, you should consider to promote that keyword with a extra page in order to reduce bounce rate and retain visitors.

Another area that affects your bounce rate is your website design, we are not all web designers though but to create a pleasing design is manageable. However this is not part of this post.

If you want your visitors to stick around longer and do not have an eye for design you should consider to hire a professionell web designer to clean up your site and navigation. Keep in mind redesigning your site can have an huge impact on your bounce rate.



Step 3 Niche down as much as possible


This cannot be stressed enough, there is over 1 billion websites online  today and all try to rank for certain keywords nobody is waiting for you! Therefore niche down as much as possible in order to get seen and drive more traffic most important more target traffic to your page.

The internet needs better content not more content. 

Stick with writing 2000 words articles and stay away from 500 words posts! Provide real value and have multiple call to actions throughout your page. Know what your audience want and how to solve their problems. Solutions are income. By niching down as much as possible you target your audience better and create more revenue.


Step 4 Content is still King


Create content that your competition can’t compete with. Provide real value to your readers deep articles well researched and let your visitors know, your well versed in your niche. Writing articles that are really long contain over 3000 – 6000 words will definitly outdraw your competition.

As most of your niche competitors won’t write so well researched articles. Goind deep under the surface and provide real value is the big deal.

But never make the mistake that many niche site owners make, pretend to be well versed, but don’t know shit about the topic! As your new readers as well as your loyal readers will know immediately when you talk about a topic you have really no clue.


Step 5  Never rely on a single traffic source


This won’t boost your niche income directly but is really important in the long run. From time to time Google launched some updates called Panda or Penguin. Diversification of traffic is the key and I cannot stress this enough.

As in 2011 when Google launched their Panda update, many website owners ran out of business in a matter of months even weeks. Don’t get me wrong Google will probably always be the number one traffic source but when you rely only on google as traffic source, every major algorithm update from google will kick you in the butt.

Ideally you should own your audience and drawn them to your page through an email list for example. If you do need to rent your audience make sure to rent it from multiple sources.



Step 6  Prepare your niche site for mobile


In March 2018, mobile accounted for 64% of all affiliate clicks and 34% of all affiliate retail sales. You’re loosing a lot of potential commisions, if you redirect traffic to sites that aren’t mobile friendly. So make sure your niche site is mobile friendly to outrank your non mobile friendly competitors.



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