How to make $8000 with blogging a month!

Posted on May 26th, 2018
$8000 a month blogging

Why $8000 is not the end of the road

Sounds terrific doesn’t it ? researches found out that your happines related to money only grows up to a maximum of $200.000 a year. $8000 a month would be $96.000 a year, still space to get happier huh ?

First of all you need to understand that there is literally no limit making money online. But you need to work your but off to even make a living through blogging, I won’t sugarcoat it.

Thus I do not believe in get rich quick schemes, I do believe you can make a decent living through your blog within a year if you really hustle.


Are you ready to work your butt off ? 


Perfect I am proud of you as this is normally the biggest obstacle for most bloggers, believe it or not. Most bloggers deveice theirselfs thinking that they really are willing to put in the amount of work necessary to build a 8 figure business online, where in reality they almost all loose focus if the visitors don’t tickle in within the first month.

This is just not going to happen so get rid of your illusions and let me explain to you step by step what it really takes to build a 8 figure income online a month.




Sebastian what do I really need to make a decent income online ?

That is a question I get asked a lot! Thus the answer is not that simple or generic. While there are different patterns to adapt and implement on your blog in order to make money that actually work, there even 1000 that won’t work.

Fortunately I will teach you the patterns that will definitly work in this guide so stay tuned.

At this point I probably should not need to mention the obvious thing, you need a blog to drive traffic to it and generate leads. However, to set up a blog is not part of this guide so let’s move on.


There are three primary ways online businesses make money:

  • Advertising and affiliate marketing
  • Paid subscriptions or selling digital products
  • Selling physical products (e-commerce)


We will focus on own digital products, as the other methods won’t get you far unless you have millions of unique visitors a month!


Great Content + massive traffic + own product = a decent income   keep that in mind.


I can’t stress this enough, content is king but what most online income gurus probably don’t want to tell you is that you will make a fortune if you solve a problem in a bigger market that has not been solved yet or not been solved completely by one solution.

You heard me right! Everybody tells you over and over to pick a niche and solve a problem in a very specific niche. While that can drive traffic and generate income, it won’t make you rich in the long run.

Why ?

because the market niche you chose is way to small for scaling. Now what I mean by that, example :

You set up and run a blog about yoga pants for a very specific excersise, because those pants are a must have for certain exercises.

The market is not really big makes sense doesn’t it ? Once you’ve reached everybody in that niche, there is no more leads and no more income to make. But if you drive a nutrition blog in the fitness industry about a very well known product, your leads and sales are literally endless. got it? 🙂


Pick a scalable market


From my experience, you do should choose one market that is highly scalable like the fitness market or advertising. But keep in mind your not Amazon, so please for gods sake focus on one product at the time.


Why only focus on one product ?


Unless your a genius like Elon Musk you simply won’t run several companies or products and suceed, the hard truth. So keep focusing on one single product and make it as awesome and useful as possible. If it does not solve a major problem in the market space you’ve choosen, rethink it and create a new if necessary.


Is there a secret sauce for a 8 figure income?


Combine something you’re passionate about with something people need. If you’d asked me for a secret sauce that would be my answer. Indeed it is that simple !  But why so many business fail then? Bloggers get stuck with a couple bucks.


Because they give up half way!

Struggle, fall down 10 times stand up 20 ! That’s whats the difference between those who make it and those who still blogging for 10 bucks through advertising a month. As mentioned before most people give up if the blog is not running smooth within the first month.

You need to be willing to put in 80h a week to get your blog to major success. Remember when you take a time out someone out there is hustling harder than you and gets better than you every second.

But Sebastian I got a full time 40h week job !

Think about it like this, everytime you watch TV or go out clubbing, you could do researches increase your knowledge and write a blog post. aren’t you ? You need to use every spare time for growing your blog. Sounds hard? less fun?

Welcome to the real world buddy 🙂

Believe me you will thank yourself later, when you working from home and see the sales tickling in 😉


Take Action !


You can read every post and every  blog in the world about how to make a six figure income, how to make a 8 figure income, it won’t change nothing if you do not take ACTION. The majority of bloggers read through every article out there about income they literally soak up every piece of information they can find but lack in taking action.


You realized that you won’t get rich quick and need to work your butt off and your still with me?

Great ! Let’s get to the fun part, how to build a real 8 figure income online, step by step, this is the honest truth.


Find a problem


There is always a group of people who face the same problem and there might be no solution yet for it or no satisfying solution. That’s where your solution kicks in it has to be better and a complete solution to the specific problem of that people.

Pick a scalable market and find a problem for example most people have weight loss problems, dating or money issues. Find a problem many people are complaining about.

You can search different forums and read different user experiences to find a real problem. Ask your friends and family if they face a problem they can’t solve.



Create a solution to the problem


Target a specific issue and provide a one in all solution that solves the problem. If there is no solution create one, if a solution already exist make yours better, faster and more affordable.

Create a digital product that can be downloaded like an eBook, audio recording or video tutorial. The clue is you create it once and can sell thousands of copies without increasing costs. Terrific isn’t it!


Sell your solution


You heard it right its that simple. People who need the solution bad enough are willing to pay for it. As I presume you already have your blog now and drive major traffic to it, so your already set up and ready to sell your solution.

Create connections with people before even thinking about selling them anything, that’s why you have to build an email list and gather a loyal reader base. No one will buy a solution from a stranger salesman ( blogger ) if he has no faith in him. So you need to:

  • create connections
  • build an email list
  • create a solution to a common problem
  • sell that solution to your loyal readers
  • make sure the solution you sell is of high value and really solves the specific problem


sounds easy right? well it is but as you guess, yup, you have to work your butt off!

Conclusion: if you stick to the 3 steps:

  • find a problem
  • create a solution to the problem
  • sell the solution

a 8 figure income is just the beginning, sky is the limit folks 🙂


Take action now


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