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Posted on July 21st, 2018
quit 9-to-5

have you ever been awaked in the morning and thought, damn I could treat my time for better than sitting 9 hours in a sticky office and do whatever my boss wants me to do ? Then you are like me. You probably thought a lot of times about quit your 9-to-5 job but had never the courage to do so.

What  I have figured out is, there is never a right time to quit your job and do what your love. But I can ensure you once your fed up enough of always need to ask when to take vacation or a day off you will take the required action and fullfil your day dreams and turn them into actions that lead to alternate income streams.


Being able to escape your 9-to-5 job is not a matter of financial readiness. It is a matter of mental readiness.


What have you done Sebastian to tell me how to quit my 9-to-5 day job ?


Well that is a really legimate question and you might think why should I listen to a guy with a website telling me what to do in order to fullfil my dreams. Let me put it like this, I was once in the same position which you are in right now and believe me I know the headaches being torned between quitting and what are the risks. I quit my job 4 years ago and believe me it was a struggle in the beginning…but it was the most liberating thing I have ever done in my whole life.

Imagine to wake up at 6am with a big smile on your face and think about what you will do today.  Yes, right that could be you.


well you might toss in:


But the risks are high and I will have no financial security !


Let me ask you a simple question, do you ever have any security in life, like for real? 😉  living from paycheck to paycheck is no security it is a poor way of creating fake security just because you don’t know better.

Have you ever heard about the money blueprint ?

First of a small definition:


Money Blueprint is the way you have been thaught to think about money and how to control it.


Well what does this mean Sebastian?


Everything you have ever learned about money and how to deal with it is shaped by teachers your enviroment relatives and friends sometimes too. If your father does not know how to handle money and make fortune, how are you supposed to know  ?!

Have you ever wondered why rich people seem to got the key for success and money and you plod along with just a few bucks and live from paycheck to paycheck ? I will tell you one thing and it will change your life forever . Don’t believe me? 😉


Mindset is equal to money blueprint – right mindset  = right money blueprint


Imagine an architect wants to construct a building, what will he use for it? right a blueprint. He learned how to construct buildings from other peoples blueprints. So why the heck would you go out there try to make money with no directions ?! makes no sense right.


What am I missing Sebastian? I am working my but off but the outcome is little.


You are missing the right money blueprint which lead you to the right directions !

Say it out loud !


I can be rich !

say it at least 3x times and feel the power rushing through your veins. Those people you admire are by no means smarter than you and many of them came from far worse circumstances than you are. But they understand one simple thing, without the right money blueprint ( mindset ) your effort is worthless. When you growing up you’ve been thaught that money is evil and having or saving even increasing money is really bad and your an evil person if you do so. Sounds familiar? 😉

First of all you need to get rid of all negative thoughts related to money – now you can design your personal money blueprint, that is right personal as there is no right money blueprint for everyone or every business, but certain patterns that apply cross over.


What patterns apply crossover Sebastian?


According to T. Harv. Ecker, author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, how you react to the fluid circumstances of wealth is all determined by your money blueprint. I couldn’t have put it better !

It all comes down how you think about money, whether in a good or bad way. Believe me, that only changing your mindset will have a huge impact on your life. But now let’s get down to the patterns that apply crossover:


Whether you want to have more time or more money, the right blueprint will prepare you for your further steps:

follow these points to create your personal blueprint:



Determine what you want financially. This includes identifying and creating attitudes regarding money and specific things you want with your money. Set a money vision and goals that correspondend with that vision.


Create “money terms” that promote success. make a point, say that you are cabable of your financial goals.


Implement money habits. Example: save 100 $ from every paycheck. Once you develope habits like this and save money here and there, your financial situation will change for the better.


Get a financial role model.  you become the average of the 5 people whom you spend the most time with. Surround yourself by successful people whom know how to create wealth and their money blueprint is on point. You will be suprised how soon your life and money blueprint will chance for the better.


Read about  finances! Read the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and finance books that will help you change the way you think about money. Reading has changed my money blueprint tremendously.


be aware of how your family and friends affect your money blueprint. if your constantly hear bad things about money and rich people in your environment. Change peoples mind and create a positive money blueprint for them as well as for yourself.




You have changed your money blueprint and you are all set to break through and make a fortune online now?


Now all you need is a blog or website and some decent writing skills and patience. Sound easy right? well it is kind of 🙂 .  Running an online business you can make a living of needs so much more than just good writing skills and patience. But let’s start with the basics. I won’t explain how to find a hoster or set up a running blog, as this is not part of this article. I require that you have a blog up running and need only directions to the life your always dreamt of.

Now that you have changed your money blueprint for the good, you need to stop thinking like an employee. Now what does that mean? It means to create multiple income streams. Employess just accept one income stream – their paycheck. By sticking only to your paycheck, your limiting yourself, your time and your money. Is that what you want? probably not!


How do you create multiple income streams ?


You could create multiple websites with different topics. I would not recommend this, as a high value blog with a static readerbase eats up a lot of time for maintaining and publishing new articles. You should always focus on one blog and build your business around it. Possible income streams are:


  1. place carefully selected affiliate ads for products that are specifically targeted to your readers
  2. place some paid advertising on your website
  3. create your own information product to sell such as an e-book, audio, or video product


Don’t just rely on one product, as it might flop so if you have multiple products you have a constant stream of income. When your readership grows, consider creating a premium, subscription-based service where readers can get special content. I ‘ve mentioned it already in my other posts and can’t stress this enough:

create an email list !

feed your loyal readers with weekly updates special content, snippets and video courses. Whatever comes to your mind in order to add high value to your readers lifes.


You see, making a living online is not that difficult  it just requires a lot of dedication and hard work. You really need to hustle to go from a few dollars to a fortune online.


It is possible don’t give up !

See also my How to make passive income guide as a start for your business 🙂


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