Loading time optimization only with 3 WordPress plugins

Posted on May 6th, 2018

To be listed in the top rankings of most search engines it is crucial to have fast loading times on your website. It is one of many criteria for Google, Bing and others. But most website or blog owners do not know nothing about programming. Good News:  you don’t need to! There are developers whom created WordPress Plugins to boost the loading times of your website. Of course not all of them are good or useable. However, the benefits are obvious, plugins are easy to install, most plugins have a range of settings for beginners.


Plugin Recommendations


Speed Booster Pack

This plugin improves loading times, as it removes blocking javascript and css data from the Above the Fold area. Scripts will be moved to footer. The compression of pictures will be scaled – down. The settings are very clear and even for a beginner easy to use.



The plugin Autoptimize is very popular. It has been installed over 300.000 times. Many WordPress Themes have seperated css and javascript files, that need to be loaded. This slows down the loading times, of course. Autoptimize summarizes the css and javascript files and compress them.


WP Performance Score Booster

It is super easy for beginners as there are only 3 settings to choose from.

  1. remove query strings from static content
  2. enable GZIP compression ( compress text, html, javascript, css and more
  3. leverage browser caching

I definetly recommend this for bloody beginners, but it has no advanced options!


Limitations of the loading times optimization

As good as the optimization with the mentioned plugins works, there are limitations. The hosting provider plays a remarkable role. Few RAM or Power and the best optimization fails. The content management system you use plays another role, as most recommend CMS might be wordpress, it is still not the fastest on the market, a flat file CMS will be much faster.

Pictures are important as well, if your website contains way too many pictures, your loading times will be slower.

In the end it is all about the right balance between loading times optimization and content.

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