How to make passive income

Posted on April 25th, 2018

Well, …first of all, of course there is no big secret to it, like having some sort of passive income seeds and growing a money tree out of it. There will be hard work waiting for you. Normally you need to put in 80h weeks, for generating serious passive income.

You are talking about passive income Sebastian, but how can I make passive income?

Well, passive income is income that you earn without being actively involved, this could be for example:

  • Google Adsense – simply adding banner to your website and whenever someone clicks the banner you will get paid a fixed amount of money.
  • Amazon Affiliate – promoting goods on your website and get paid whenever someone will be redirected from your page to Amazon homepage.
  • Own Products – creating own information products in the section you are well versed.
  • Social Media Marketing – get paid as an influencer, or doing paid shoutouts on instragram


Of course, those mentioned passive income streams are just a handful of possibilities to earn a serious passive income even make your whole salary out of it. As a Beginner I would recommend to stick to the 4 mentioned methods to generate passive income.

This is what my page is all about, helping you to understand the different ways of generating passive income and adding new valueable content for the passive income world day by day.

But let’s get back to topic.

The first step in order to generate any passive income is hosting a website!

totally wrong!

why it is not necessary to launch your on blog or website, for generating passive income online is a topic we won’t discuss now, as this is stuff for advanced person.

For the beginning we will talk about launching your own website or blog. A detailed guide on how to launch your own website/blog you will find in my Website hosting series.

Your Blog/Website is launched and now it is itching you to start writing and… yeah what is the next step to my success?

the 3 elementary rules to sell stuff online and building passive income are:


  1. write valueable content for your audience
  2. build a relationship with your audience
  3. sell high class products wether digital or physical to your audience or services ( we won’t talk about physical as this implements further work, not passive! )

Why we do not sell products or services to strangers?

Selling products or services to complete strangers is like going to a party and trying to sell washing machines to complete strangers. This simply won’t be successful, as people do not know you and don’t have faith in you or your products.

Same here with the online marketing and passive income, people tend to buy products or purchase services only from sources or people they have faith in and trust or have build a relationship with.


How do we build a relationship with our audience?

This brings us to rule number 1, “writing valuable content for your audience”, make sure to feed your website/blog with content that actually solve problems or creates added value.


What defines valueable content?

Valueable content is when you solve a problem or breaking down a problem in detail.

I highly recommend to choose only a topic in a specific branch your familiar with or well versed.

As your audience will immediately feel it in them bones, when you’re trying to sell them stuff or provide information, that you are really not familiar with.


I have written tons of valuable content and get no visitors on my website, why?

Your first step is to make sure that you are writing articles which contain more than 2000 words.

90% of the bloggers or website owners writing articles about 500 words or so, stick out of the crowd. Do what the 10% do, write long articles more than 2000 words and make it count!

Google will most probably be the number one source for generating your traffic, so it is important that you write your articles SEO friendly. As google gives websites with extra long articles a higher page rank. Please don’t be stupid and think you can fool the google algorithm! You still need to write valueable content. How to make your site SEO friendly and do the right marketing are things you can learn with my SEO and marketing series.

Put really in the time and effort, drill down on the topic and provide information your audience might get nowhere else. I promise you, you will be successful with this stragey in the long run. Don’t expect getting tons of visitors over night, building your passive income high enough to quit your job, within 3 months. As mentioned before, this is not about to happen! A lot of folks trying to make money with your false hopes, about getting rich thru the internet quick.

Don’t fall for their dirty tricks, there is no shortcut for making money online or generating your whole salary thru passive income. It will be hard hard work. You will be frustrated in the beginning, because you will not make even 1 single dollar. Just don’t give up, I promise you, your hard work will pay off, if you have questions among the way that will not be answered on my site, feel free to write me anytime, I am glad to help others, you can write me here.


How can I turn my visitors into customers?

You’ve written valueable articles, even your whole website is filled with tons of information, your unique monthly visitors have increased dramatically, but you have not earned one single dollar yet.

Sounds familiar?

As I told you before, just do not give up, passive income won’t happen over night. It is one thing to set up a website and write valueable content, even increasing your unique monthly visitors, but turning your visitors into customers is the really hard part of generating passive income.

Once you have build a relationship with your audience ( visitors) and set up an e-mail newsletter, which I will explain in detail in the SEO and marketing series as well, you have gotten loyal readers, now you are ready for the fun part.


Start making money!


Most passive income gurus tell you at this point to create and sell your own e-book. Truth, there is nothing wrong about it, but there are many other capabilities to start making money. We will stick to the e-book thing for now, as I will explain other ways on my site as well. For you as a beginner, these are the steps:

  • choose a topic that you are familiar with and well versed. It is important that the topic relates to the information you have already provided on your website or blog. It does make no sense at all, hosting a blog/ website about dogs and then start writing an eBook about flowers and nature. As your readers are not coming back day by day for reading about flowers, makes sense right?!
  • write your ebook and fill it with unique information, that you have never published before. You need to satisfay a specific need within your niche, in order to be successful and seriously making money with your eBook. Your readers are willing to pay for good summarized information, or even information that they will no get anywhere else for free.
  • the pricing is essential! Most people that I’ve guided or had the opportunity to work with, failed with the pricing! Simple example: you can not charge $20 for an eBook that contains only 20-30 pages written in font size 18. Even your loyal readers will think you are totally nuts. The only way you might get away with this would be, when you provide unique information, that literally can not be find anywhere else on the WWW (World Wide Web ).

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