Why you don’t need a job (escape the rat race)

Posted on July 22nd, 2018
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How many Monday mornings have you woken up with that sinking feeling? Another day at a job you hate working for a boss and be tied to your desk from 9-to-5. And the worst part about it – you are spending your life for somebody else and treating your precious time for money in exchange. How to escape the rat race ?


Sebastian, is it possible for a “normal person” to escape the rat race ?


It depends on who you ask. It is a definition thing – what is “normal” to you ? For me normal is a person that sticks to the rat race and same old 9-to-5 job. Tied to their desks and dream of a better life that they can live on their on terms and conditions. I don’t want to call those people dreamer, as they work hard and form the backbone of the economy.

We should be thankful for those people in the first place and don’t point them out. You have to keep in mind that a lot of people are happy with living a normal life and working for a boss 9-to-5.  If your not happy with your life and current working situation and literally sick of the same old 9-to-5 then keep reading. 😉


Truth: it is possible to escape the 9-to-5 rat race.


But do you have the guts to really create your own future and take over control of your life?


Now what do I mean by that. A lot of people swear to loose weight after new years eve, but in reality they don’t loose a single pound! Why ? because they do not have the guts, the heart and the determination to make major adjsutments to their daily lifes in order to achieve new goals.

Are you a dreamer and big mouth or a decision maker ? Success starts with your mind set, as I told you about the money blueprint in How to quit 9-to-5 . So prepare your mind for success first.


Believe you can actually make money on your own without having to show up and sit in a cubicle for 40 hours a week.


This is difficult for normal people to grasp. If you are just used to the 9-to-5 rat race. For most of us rat racers we’ve been told a lie.


working 40 hours a week and trading your precious time for a paycheck is not the only way to make money !


However, most of us stick to the rat race because we think the alternative just isn’t feasible. The average American household brings in $55,775 a year (source). That’s  $152 a day. Have you ever tried making $152 in one day outside the rat race? Maybe wrote guest posts for other bloggers, afiliate products on your website, sell your knowlegde as a consulting service ? the possibilities are endless, I have described many in the How to make passive income post.


making a living without a day job is not as hard as you might think – it is totally doable !



Are you really using every free minute to be productive and work towards your goals?


Most of us come home from the rat race, turn on netflix and binge watch for hours until they go to bed or grab a beer with a good old friend at the local pub. What are you missing out?


The day contains not only the hours when you are tied to your desk in your rat race from 9-to-5. When you got off and arrive at home, that is when the hustle begins ! Weird people utilize all of their time, normal people can’t relate.

I don’t mean that you shouldn’t have fun and enjoy yourself with a good movie or book at home or your friends hanging out – life is way to serious anyways. But you need to save time for your own business and work your butt off otherwise you will never escape the rat race and be your own boss.  I get my best work done between 6pm and midnight every evening.


It’s unconventional. It’s weird. It works.


So what you need to do is, get used to working outside normal working hours and stop wasting your time with netflix every evening until you go to bed or social media. Every single minute counts, don’t think – 20 minutes are not worth starting my computer and work on my blog business, just don’t think like that. Every minute counts !

It is a minute here and a minute there which adds up and bring you closer to your goals and fulfil your dreams.


Monday morning has a purpose


Normal people complain about mondays and live for fridays. You as a decision maker understand that mondays are productive and  another opportunity to put in the work to escape the rat race. I can recommend the routine from Leanne Spencer 7 ways to wake up energized on a monday morning to get you started. Don’t live just for the weekend every day of the week is a opportunity to escape the rat race and take over control of your life and be your own boss.



Take what you know and share it



if you make an investment in yourself and constantly post on your blog and provide real value to your loyal readers and  remain consistent over a long period of time, you will reap tremendous benefits. Don’t keep your knowledge for yourself if you think you have something to share scream it out loud and get heard.

Gaining credibility is the most important step in order to get inbound offers. Believe me I was going through the same things you are facing right now.

It ain’t easy, you will fail, you will want to give up – but stay consistent because once you will see the light you will smile every morning with the right mindset and the feeling – I am my own boss. Post frequently not once a week or once a month, once a day or even twice a day.


Build a personal brand


If you want to stand out and want people to come to you, then you need to start investing in yourself and build a personal brand. As I said before, gaining credibility does not happen over night. It is merely a long process that can take up to 3 years or more – depends totally on the time you invest in your brand. But if you stay consistent you will reap the benefits sooner as you might think. My How to build a personal brand guide will soon come out.



Never give up


Do you know why a lot of people fail and fall right back into the rat race or never even escape from it?  Lack of consistence and determination. They just don’t have the heart to take action and do what needs to be done in order to achieve their goals, but you are different – you my friend are a decision-maker a go-getter !

If you fall 10 times you will stand up 11 times. If a business fails within the first 3 weeks you stay persitent and keep hustling towards your goal. now what’s your goals?


be your own BOSS !


thank you for reading – now go out and chase not only your dreams rather take action and make them reality 🙂


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